csi__grissom (csi__grissom) wrote in nightlife_ooc,

Real Life Sucks.

Ok, here is what's happening with me, and why I haven't been doing my fair share.

1) My Sister moved back from California with the useless husband and the three kids. They have no money, so they are staying with his parents. They spend time here, and when they are here, I can't tag, because I have to help watch them, and when they finally do go to bed I am totally fried and can't concentrate worth a crap.

2) My work situation isn't that great at the moment. I had a serious problem with some of the bad students smoking Marijuana on the bus, which sets off my Asthmatic Bronchitis. I'm tired all the time because I'm out of the house from 5 am to 8:45 pm most days. That has changed since Thursday. I don't have the late run anymore, so I'm home, but that just means I have to make up for the chores I haven't been doing while I was working, so the cooking and cleaning are back to me. So I'll be on in the evenings earlier, and I'll try to tag in the middle of the day where possible.

3) This Saturday, My dog, Logan, accidentally bit the baby, Emily, because she fell on him, landing on his sore paw. My sister's mother in law freaked out and threw her out of the house, and Kate took the kids with her, so now they are all living here. She's divorcing the a-hole, and starting to look for a new job. So that means I have the stress 24/7 instead of every other weekend. Until I can resolve my inability to deal with these kids, I'll be a little on the short side, and possibly distracted.

There should be a fourth thing but I can't think of it now. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Please do not jump on me if I'm not always in the mood to rapid fire. My attention span is short.
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